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myBlee Math has been crafted by visionary teachers to help other teachers and parents to teach students and children. myBlee Math was carefully tested with children to ensure learning is interactive, fulfilling and fun!

myBlee Math is a comprehensive pedagogic solution for digital education. It covers K-6 curriculum and is aligned with the Common Core State Standards. It is available in English, Spanish and French.

Over 1 million people used myBlee Math worldwide. The application leverages the full interactivity of a touch tablet, using the best learning techniques from Asia, America and Europe.

“I have tested it with my children, and was amazed. The app is both pedagogical and fun. Thanks to the touch screen, it even allows to practice writing, which is not possible on a computer.”

To discover myBlee Math in video:

Video of myBlee Math for families

Video of myBlee Math for the schools


myBlee is a member of ed21 since 2014.

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