3W Academy

    Le Projet

    A web developer training in 3 months: 400 hours of class, 10% theory, 90% practice, 5 key technologies and access to a sector that is recruiting jobs!

    3 months to become a web developer

    3W Academy’s goal is to to train front-end web developers needed by our digital economy.

    During this 3 months training, you will learn the 5 necessary technologies in order to create a website or a web application. Thanks to a fit methodology, you will become a professional front-end developer “ready to work”, or else you will have improved your technical abilities.

    The training

    You are either a graduate or self-taught, a computer specialist or a graphic designer, a community manager or a web designer, a web project manager or an entrepreneur, or simply in the process of  a career change ?

    The training is open for all the motivated people:

    – no preliminary experience of web development is required

    – the doors of 3W Academy are wide open for you!


    ed21 supports 3W Academy since 2014.

    Visit their website 

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